Shopping & Home Decor Tips

  • Visit frequently because merchandise changes often. Many times, we do not know what items we will receive from day to day, so don’t write us off because you didn’t find anything on your first visit. 
  • All sales are final; therefore, carefully look at each piece before purchasing to make certain it’s what you want and fits in your space. 
  • Bring along dimensions or photos of the space you are decorating to help with your buying decision. On most items, there are dimensions listed online and on the tags.
  • Ask the girls for help “visualizing” an item in your space. We love helping and hearing about customers decorating ideas!
  • Regularly check our website to see new arrivals in our store. Use the "Newest Inventory Items" tab, as the newest items are seen first here. 
  • Visit the "Last Chance" section of the website to discover some of our best deals. These items will not last long, as they are marked down to clear out inventory. 
  • Order online, but customers must pick up their merchandise in store within three days of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made. We offer local delivery; however, exclusions apply. Ask for details. If you live a distance from our store, we DO NOT ship. 
  • Looking for a particular item? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put you on our "Wish List". We will try our best to let you know when an item becomes available.  

Hey Y'all!

We all know that so called "wild hair" we get to redecorate or that little thought "oh I can move this here and it would look so good" that turns into moving the whole room around. We've all been there.

But hey! Home Again Consignments is here to help! We have some decor tips to hand you! 

Obviously, the first is that consignment stores, * especially ours * will SAVE you money! Be sure to know your local consignment shops & support them before any big department stores. 

Storage Idea- BASKETS! Used for storage, decor, & gifts! You can never go wrong with a basket, and we have such a great selection! It's the perfect way to hide you miscellaneous junk and even cords! Check this out --> 

I'm not sure if I'm done with this project. I've been toying with idea ...Pin on Cord storage

Add old with new to spice an area up! What a better way to style a house then mixing eras! It’s makes a home unique & is a storyteller. 📖
Shop consignment & see what new/old furniture pieces you can snag. 🎉

PAINT! It is older or out of style, but you love the piece? Go get a good ole can of spray paint (depending on the piece of furniture, obviously haha) and get to work! The piece make take some sanding, but we know it will be so beautiful when you are finished!

SET OF 3! Grouping items together in threes will make a setting look full and finished. 

GREENERY! Add in small bits of faux and/or real plants and greenery to add in beautiful pops of color or fill in that space that just seems to be bare. 

CANDLES! That small hint of scent throughout will warm up your home and make it feel cozy and extremely welcoming! *We ALWAYS have stock on Candleberry Candles! I promise they are the best and worth EVERY PENNY they cost! * shop them here -->> Candleberry Candle Products – Home Again Consignments ( 

GRAND CENTRAL STATION! Find one area in the house that will be the "grand central station" - a place where all the mail, keys, and random "junk" goes. That way when you come home will your hand full, you have a spot for the random items that you're carrying, but you are putting up immediately. Then, when it piles up, you can clean it a lot more efficiently because the items aren't scattered throughout the house. Check out our storage category or find a wall shelf to help you stay organized!

CLEANING UP! When you are cleaning your house or going through just picking up, make it a rule of thumb to ALWAYS place things where they need to go the first time you touch them. Instead of making two trips to accomplish one task, take that item to the place it belongs rather than moving it more than once. I promise you will thank yourself later. 😉